The SL-2400 is the Sony's premium basic Betamax in the attractive Slimline, low profile E-Z Beta series. Features BetaScan high speed picture search and BetaSkipScan, that lets you switch into BetaScan mode to see where you are on your tape during fast-forward and rewind. Freeze-frame to stop the action. Easy to use 3-day/1-event timer for automatic unattended recording. 14-pushbutton express tuning with wireless remote commander with all the essential functions of the VCR. Easy to use controls and simple design make this a Betamax a favorite.

To look at the line-up of accessories that are available, visit the "Betamax Accessories" section by clicking here.

The SL-2400 can record and play standard Beta in BII and BIII speeds. It can also play standard BI recordings. Tapes recorded in regular Betahi-fi will play in the SL-2400 but they will not be in stereo. Tapes recorded in SuperBeta BI, BII and BIII will play but might exhibit picture noise. To examine a Beta format compatibility chart click here.