The SL-2400 is the Sony's premium basic Betamax in the attractive Slimline, low profile E-Z Beta series. Features BetaScan high speed picture search and BetaSkipScan, that lets you switch into BetaScan mode to see where you are on your tape during fast-forward and rewind. Freeze-frame to stop the action. Easy to use 3-day/1-event timer for automatic unattended recording. 14-pushbutton express tuning with wireless remote commander with all the essential functions of the VCR. Easy to use controls and simple design make this a Betamax a favorite. This Betamax has a PCM switch for making better copies and playing PCM recordings.

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The SL-2400 can record and play standard Beta in and speeds. It can also play standard recordings. Tapes recorded in regular Betahi-fi will play in the SL-2400 but they will not be in stereo. Tapes recorded in SuperBeta , and will play but might exhibit picture noise. To examine a Beta format compatibility chart click here.

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*These rating numbers are comparisons between the Beta VCRS within this particular design group. Contributing factors are engineering quality, popularity, aesthetics, execution, repair frequency and the number of features and their benefits. Analysis is subjective and should not be considered an endorsement.